Saab trece pe mana chinezilor, pentru 100 milioane euro

de Adrian Mitrea
Vineri, 28 octombrie 2011, 11:36 Economie | Auto

Saab 9-5
​Compania olandeza Swedish Automobile (Swan) care detine Saab a semnat un memorandum de intelegere cu Pang Da si Youngman pentru a le vinde in proportie de 100% actiunile Saab Automobile si Saab GB, ceea ce inseamna ca marca premium suedeza are sanse mari sa intre in proprietatea chinezilor, care ar urma sa o salveze de la pieire.

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    saab e in coma profunda (Vineri, 28 octombrie 2011, 12:00)

    Eneas [anonim]

    Saab has failed to pay about 1,600 of its 3,600 employees because of the late delivery of funds from investers.

    Despite Chinese finance, a European Investment Bank loan and a loyal band of customers across the globe, Saab has been unable to sell enough new models or buy time to placate its creditors.

    Saab Board members have been resigning as bankruptcy petitions from suppliers mount.

    Despite the difficulties, Saab says that the current problems are a short-term issue. “We have other things going on to strengthen our financial position going forward, with a long-term deal with the Chinese for £245million,” said a Saab spokesperson. “Long-term we have the solution. Now it’s the short-term that we need to deal with.”

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