Unde incep si unde se termina relatiile publice in era digitala? Matt Neale, presedinte international al retelei GolinHarris, a discutat online cu cititorii

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Marţi, 27 martie 2012, 13:58 Economie | Media & Publicitate

Matt Neale
Foto: GolinHarris.ro
Era digitala si a retelelor sociale rescrie, in toata lumea, felul cum companiile comunica cu media si cu publicul lor tinta. Schimbarile prin care trec departamentele si agentiile de relatii publice extind activitatea acestora in zone revendicate pana nu de mult de publicitari. Despre cum se rescrie industria de PR, Matt Neale, Presedinte International al retelei GolinHarris, a discutat online cu cititorii.

Matt Neale se va afla in Romania pentru a anunta ca biroul local al retelei, GolinHarris Bucuresti (fosta Lowe PR, afiliata la GolinHarris in urma cu un an), isi schimba felul cum opereaza dupa un model aplicat pana acum in SUA, Marea Britanie si Suedia, numit modelul G4. Acesta extinde expertiza PR-ului in zone precum productia de continut, analiza de business, implicare pe toate canalele mesajului de brand, inclusiv pe cele considerate pana acum a tine de domeniul publicitatii.

UPDATE - 28 martie: Potrivit noului model de organizare a GolinHarris, numit G4, oamenii din agentie nu mai sunt "executivi si acounti", ci isi desfasoara activitatea in patru zone de expertiza - "strategii", "creatorii", "conectorii" si "catalistii". Pentru a sustine noua structura, reteaua a investit in infiintarea unui hub de comunicare multimedia numit The Bridge, care are scopul sa faciliteze plasarea rapida a mesajelor in media traditionale si digitale, sa identifice imediat oportunitatile de comunicare si sa ii implice pe influentatorii din online si offline. "Bridge-ul" de la Bucuresti este lansat dupa cele din Silicon Valley, New York, Chicago, Londra, Stockholm si va fi urmat de Beijing.

Carte de vizita:

Matt Neale a fost numit Presedinte International al retelei de relatii publice GolinHarris - cu birouri in America, Europa, Asia-Pacific si Orientul Mijlociu - in septembrie 2011. In prealabil, el a fost co-managing director al GolinHarris Europe. Este specializat in global brand marketing si s-a ocupat de clienti precum Unilever, Orange, Nokia, Wrigley, Siemens.

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  • question (Marţi, 27 martie 2012, 14:16)

    Catalin [anonim]

    Daca publicitate inseamna "pe bani" si PR inseamna fara bani, unde e locul platilor in PR, in sensul de paid media?
    • R (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 14:00)

      Matt Neale [hotnews.ro] i-a raspuns lui Catalin

      PR has moved from 'just earned media' to paid, earned, shared and owned. When GolinHarris people say paid - we mean the same as Advertising people do. The big difference is that now PR people are doing more than just media relations, sometimes they are buying the message too.
  • PR EVO (Marţi, 27 martie 2012, 14:43)

    Laur [anonim]

    One of the basics of PR is that it manages the image of an organization through communication, but brands are becoming more and more important, so I want to know if branding is the future of PR or PR is the future of branding? This means that PR specialists will have to learn branding and marketing?
    • R (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 14:02)

      Matt Neale [hotnews.ro] i-a raspuns lui Laur

      I would argue that the most important thing a brand has is its reputation. PR people are the guardians of a brand's reputation so you are right, PR people have to understand brands; their value to a company and the strategy behind them.
  • media-pr relations (Marţi, 27 martie 2012, 18:32)

    merde [anonim]

    How have the fall of the media market and possibly the fall of media quality in various countries affected your activities as a PR agency? And what do the media say about attempts to push through them advertising messages disguised as PR?
    • R (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 14:04)

      Matt Neale [hotnews.ro] i-a raspuns lui merde

      A big difference is that consumer will go to many sources for information about a company/brand or product. Brands have become their own media channels and can now have a direct relationship with consumers. They don't have to only rely on the media to interpret their message. This is very exciting for communication people. A good PR person will never try and sell an ad message as it will just turn media and consumers off.
  • bani (Marţi, 27 martie 2012, 19:17)

    abidjan [anonim]

    In ce conditii e normal sa plateasca o agentie de PR pentru a-i fi preluate mesajele in media de orice fel (sociale, ziare, tv, bloguri) si care sunt conditiile ca plata pentru mesajul de PR sa nu afecteze increderea publicului?
    • R (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 14:07)

      Matt Neale [hotnews.ro] i-a raspuns lui abidjan

      Consumer are very savvy and they can spot a paid for or sponsored message a mile away. It's important for PR people to be very transparent: if they are buying endorsement, then it should be declared. As media outlets seek additional revenue streams to make up for lost advertising, this is going to be more of an issue.
  • technology, clients (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 1:10)

    dudu [anonim]

    1. How much does a PR agency have to rely on technology to deal all the voices in the current media landscape? How risky is this reliance on technology and possibly a lower level of human touch for managing brand communications?

    2. What sort of clients does GolinHarris try to avoid? For example in Britain would it work for Murdoch's News International if asked so?
    • R (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 14:15)

      Matt Neale [hotnews.ro] i-a raspuns lui dudu

      Q1: Technology is only an enabler. It saves time by aggregating content and helping you build insights from millions of touch points. The human touch is always going to be the most important factor. A computer can't understand a mother's emotions or a man's state of mind when buying a new car. Great communicator can assess pages and pages of data and pull out a killer insight that will lead to an idea that will change behavior - google can't do that. They just carry the message.

      Q2: GolinHarris won't work for tobacco companies, weapons manufacturers or dodgy dictators. Although we're owned by a big group, we still have very real mid-western family values that are as important today as they were 56 years ago when Al Golin set up the company.
  • intrebare (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 1:31)

    andreea a. dan [anonim]

    Apropo de stergerea granitelor intre diversele domenii ale marketingului, ce anume din publicitate nu poate nicicum sa faca PR-ul si ce din PR nu poate nicicum sa faca publicitatea?
    • R (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 14:19)

      Matt Neale [hotnews.ro] i-a raspuns lui andreea a. dan

      That's a really good question. I honestly believe everything is up for grabs. Clearly ad agencies are experts at using paid for media and PR agencies are experts at using earned and shared media - but as you say the line are blurring. Will GolinHarris create a TV ad that's shown at the SuperBowl next year? No, but we are creating integrated campaigns that include advertising as part of the campaign. Similarly, ad agencies have realized that the growth is in PR - they're buying up PR firms or starting their own. It's great to work in an industry that's in so much demand!
  • golinharris romania (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 8:34)

    Pamela [anonim]

    As part of your network, GolinHarris Romania probably has specific business targets to meet every year. How hard is it for them to meet those targets in the overpopulated yet low-budget Romanian PR market?
    • R (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 14:25)

      Matt Neale [hotnews.ro] i-a raspuns lui Pamela

      Whist the size of the business in Romania is smaller than say Germany or the UK, it's growing fast. That's why we were the first to set up a globally branded office in Romania. We're pretty confident that budgets will grow in Romania as confidence in the industry continues to grow. Our team in Bucharest have smashed their targets for the past two years. In the last 12 months we've grown our staff by nearly 50%. It's exciting to be hear as the industry is developing and to be able to contribute to the change that's occurring.
  • Criza economica (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 11:22)

    Andreea [anonim]

    Fara a da nume, puteti exemplifica cu un caz de campanie PR pentru un mare client afectat de criza economica si ce strategii inedite de comunicare a presupus acesta? Un fel de 'manual in zece pasi al studentului la PR in timpuri de criza economica'. Multumesc.
    • R (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 14:33)

      Matt Neale [hotnews.ro] i-a raspuns lui Andreea

      During the financial crisis many clients moved money from expensive ad campaigns to more efficient PR campaigns. We have also had to help organizations communicate difficult news to their stakeholders. This might be a company that has to downsize it's staff as business has slowed down. Here PR plays a critical role, making sure there is a transparent dialogue between an employer and their staff. It's important that companies are trusted and strike an authentic tone during times of crisis. It's also critical that the leadership of a business or organization is visible during times of crisis. Open, informed, clear and honest dialogue between an organization and its stakeholders should be the basis for any crisis campaign.
  • campanii (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 13:51)

    mihai [anonim]

    Puneti sa ne dati 2 exemple de campanii de PR la nivel global care v-au placut in ultimii ani?
    • R (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 14:44)

      Matt Neale [hotnews.ro] i-a raspuns lui mihai

      I'll tell you one that GolinHarris actually did, and then one that I wish I did...

      In America we work for a mobile phone operator called Metro PCS. Our brief was to launch their 4G service in the USA. As you know this is a very competitive space so it's hard to get cut-through. Our team persuaded rapper Snoop Dogg to change is name to Snoop DoGGGG (4Gs...). The back story that due to the speed of his hustle, Snoop need to up his Gs. People fell in love with the idea and you can sum it up in a tweet - the sign of a good idea.

      One I didn't do but loved was a very simple (and quite dull brief for a British cheese). This particular type of cheese's key benefit is that it is matured for one year before going on sale. That's hardly big news! So the PR team decided to turn this on it's head. They set up a web cam called "cheddar vision" and filmed the cheese slowly maturing over a year. They then launched cheddar vision online and called it "the most boring channel in the world" where you can watch cheese age. The media loved the idea that it was so boring, people actually tuned in to watch. Genius.
  • noile tehnologii (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 13:52)

    florinache [anonim]

    Cum poate o companie de PR sa tina pasul cu dezvoltarea atit de rapida a noilor tehnologii si a diversificarii a mijloacelor de comuminicare? Ce ati facut voi la GolinHarris in sensul asta?
    • R (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 14:48)

      Matt Neale [hotnews.ro] i-a raspuns lui florinache

      First of all you need to be the kind of place that digital people want to work for. That's one of the reason we've changed - we want to attract tech geeks that would normally go to a digital agency.

      Then you need to be prepared to rip up what's worked for decades before and invest in new ideas and ways of working. This can be scary stuff, especially if things are going well. Our founder, Al Golin has a saying: "fix it before it breaks" and that's what we did. Agencies that don't adapt now will die in the next 10 years.
  • Concursuri (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 13:55)

    Tudor [anonim]

    În România competiţiile pentru studenţi lipsesc în domeniul comunicării. Agenţia dumneavoastră este implicată în alte ţări în organizarea unor astfel de competiţii în care studenţii se pot afirma? Aţi sprijini organiazarea unei olimpiade a comunicării în România? Dacă da, de ce este ea necesară?
    • R (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 14:54)

      Matt Neale [hotnews.ro] i-a raspuns lui Tudor

      In many markets, including Romania we run internships for students to work with us. In London we have a creative competition with a few art colleges where we're looking for people to create a concept for a film or an ad. The prize can be anything from an iPad 3 to winning a three month internship in our office. We firmly believe that ideas can come from anywhere which is why we've launched an online curated idea harvesting tool called The Bright Collective. We're really keen to get people that aren't part of the PR industry involved in idea development.
  • PR vs. integrated marketing (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 14:28)

    Iris [anonim]

    After many years in which PR tried to diferentiate itself from other disciplines (mainly marketing) and position itself higher than advertising, GolinHarris now promotes a shift from PR to integrated marketing and encourages PROs to use whatever they can from advertising. How do you explain that? Isn't this a bit confusing for the whole PR industry and for PR a stand-alone discipline?
    • R (Miercuri, 28 martie 2012, 15:02)

      Matt Neale [hotnews.ro] i-a raspuns lui Iris

      You are right, PRs used to separate themselves from the rest of the marketing word and clients always wanted separate agencies. We're changing because our client, the media and consumers have changed. With media fragmentation and the boom of social there is an demand for PR people to do more. Clients are also getting sick of having to work with so many agencies: ATL, digital, media, PR, social etc. They are telling us that they don't care where the idea comes from but they want an integrated response from their agencies. PR is booming right now - it won't be long before you see a PR agency buy an ad agency. You will also see less specialist digital agencies, everyone is integrating digital into their businesses. If you own a digital shop - sell it now, you'll never get a better price!

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