CNVM a validat noul Consiliu de Administratie al Bursei de Valori Bucuresti

de Dragos Comache
Marţi, 2 martie 2010, 14:56 Economie | Burse

Comisia Nationala a Valorilor Mobiliare a validat marti noul consiliu de administratie al Bursei de Valori Bucuresti, ales in cadrul Adunarii Generale a Actionarilor din data de 19 februarie, se arata intr-un comunicat al institutiei. In urma alegerilor din februarie, Stere Farmache a castigat un nou mandat in functia de presedinte al Consiliului de Administratie al BVB.

Din componenta Consiliului de Administratie mai fac parte, in calitate de membrii, Octavian Molnar - directorul general adjunct al IFB Finwest, Lucian Isac - director general Estinvest, Andrei Siminel - director general NCH Advisors, Ciprian Zah - membru al CA Broker Cluj, Daniel Tepes - presedinte HTI Valori Mobiliare, Ionel Uleia - presedintele Prime Transaction, Cosmin Gheorghiu - directorul de tranzactionare al Delta Valori Mobiliare si Mircea Botta - presedintele Romcapital Group.

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    Sa se desfiinteze BURSA ? (Marţi, 2 martie 2010, 17:56)

    utug [anonim]

    Ce rol au jucat bursele in criza prezenta ?

    " What does it all show? That the stock market does not reflect the real world of supply and demand. That the rise and fall of share prices does NOTHING to contribute to the national wealth - nothing in terms of jobs, nor to the society at large. And corporate investors enjoy so many tax breaks, that in many cases we have directors of multinational financial institutions earning tens of millions a year paying LESS tax than the lady who cleans his office. We have the crazy situation with Hedge Fund managers who can earn more than a hundred million dollars in a MONTH at NO RISK to himself - by leveraging (borrowing) heavily from other financial houses to bulk up his accounts. Whether he loses or gains, he earns vast sums in charges so he is literally encouraged to risk more and more of other people's money with little effort. It is so ridiculously unregulated that if Hedge Funds were a country, it would be the 8th biggest economy in the world, and it's all in the hands of a very few people with the power to buy political power."
    Should the stock market be abolished?

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