Cum impacam jurnalismul cu internetul in era digitala? Presa online este doar o parte a viitorului, sau este in intregime viitorul? Cat de mult conteaza produsele multimedia pentru presa online? Ce aduce in plus produsul multimedia unui website? Jurnalistul Jim Seida, producator multimedia la a raspuns la intrebarile cititorilor despre importanta unui material jurnalistic video si viitorul presei online.

Jim SeidaFoto: Arhiva personala

Despre Jim Seida pe site-ul Centrului pentru Jurnalism Independent

Jim Seida is one of the original multimedia journalists. Fourteen years ago, he helped create multimedia storytelling for an online audience as one of the core group of multimedia producers hired by Brian Storm during his tenure at

Jim continues his work as one of the nation’s top multimedia reporters, using video, still pictures, audio and new technologies such as HD View and Photosynth to tell stories ranging from in-depth personal stories about race relations to breaking natural-disaster reporting following Hurricane Katrina.

Jim is often called upon to share his knowledge and experience at photojournalism and multimedia conferences worldwide. He is the premier instructor for teaching documentary audio reporting skills to photojournalists. In recent years, he’s lectured and coached at Eddie Adams Workshop, NPPA’s Multimedia Immersion and boot camps at University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) and University of Miami (Florida).

Jim’s original multimedia reporting has been recognized by the Online News Association, National Press Photographers Association and Pictures of the Year International.

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