Secretarul Trezoreriei SUA: Bancile americane au mai mult capital decat e nevoie

de D.G.
Marţi, 21 aprilie 2009, 21:21 Economie | Finanţe & Bănci

Secretarul Trezoreriei americane, Timothy Geithner, a declarat marti ca cea mai mare parte a bancilor din SUA are mai mult capital decat ar avea nevoie. Acest lucru a dus la o crestere a actiunilor, in timp ce investitorii asteapta rezultatele testelor de stres, informeaza Bloomberg.

"In momentul actual, marea majoritate a bancilor au mai mult capital decat au nevoie pentru ca autoritatile de reglementare sa considere ca aceastea sunt bine capitalizate", a declarat Geithner.

Seful Trezoreriei a mai spus ca guvernul dispune de fonduri suficiente pentru a ajuta bancile americane, care provin din pachetul de 700 miliarde de dolari.

Comentariile lui Geithner sustin opinia ca administratia nu intentioneaza sa ceara Congresului fonduri financiare suplimentare.

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    Bank Stress Test Results LEAKED! (Marţi, 21 aprilie 2009, 22:27)

    geithner [anonim]

    "in timp ce investitorii asteapta rezultatele testelor de stres"

    Bank Stress Test Results LEAKED!

    The stress tests were conducted to determine how well, if at all, the top 19 banks in the USA could withstand further or future economic hardship.

    When the tests were completed, regulators within the Treasury and inside the Federal Reserve began bickering with each other as to whether or not the test results should be made public. That bickering continues to this very day as evidenced by this “main stream media” report.

    The Turner Radio Network has obtained the stress test results. They are very bad. The most salient points from the stress tests appear below:

    1) Of the top nineteen (19) banks in the nation, sixteen (16) are already technically insolvent.

    2) ...

    continuarea aici:
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    un link util ;) (Marţi, 21 aprilie 2009, 22:34)

    dion [utilizator]

    “Big bank profits are bogus! Massive public deception!”
    (by Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. 20 April 2009)
  • -1 (3 voturi)    
    wow (Marţi, 21 aprilie 2009, 23:52)

    napo [anonim]

    Run for the hills, the sky is falling...
    Pt. astia 2 de mai sus, mai "gugalitzi" putin, nu luati de buna orice stire ieri
    pa'rea mea
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    Nicio problema (Miercuri, 22 aprilie 2009, 8:26)

    hic sunt leones [utilizator]

    parca vazusem zilele trecute un articol in care Obama propunea o marire a sumelor disponibile FMI, o sa faca acestia niste bani pentru saracutele banci americanesti.
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    America e iarasi in frunte! (Miercuri, 22 aprilie 2009, 10:10)

    Horia Popa [anonim]

    Americanii n-au stat cu mainile-n san si rezultatele incep sa apara. Felicitari!!!
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      "vast majority of US banks" (Miercuri, 22 aprilie 2009, 10:33)

      paul [anonim] i-a raspuns lui Horia Popa

      There are a lot of banks in America. There are 1,722 institutions on the Fed’s list of “large commercial banks”. And I have no doubt that most of these banks — indeed, the vast majority — are in fine shape. That’s because they’re regional institutions that never got into the risky games played by the big guys.

      But the big guys are where the money is. The top 10 institutions on that list have 58 percent of the assets. (If we looked at bank holding companies rather than only commercial banks, assets would be even more concentrated.) So it’s perfectly possible that the “vast majority” of US banks are well-capitalized, but that banks with, say, a third of the system’s assets are insolvent.

      What Geithner said, then, was true but useless. If anything, his wording was cause for concern: Treasury knows the difference between raw numbers of banks and asset holdings, even if the press seemed to miss the distinction, and if he’d meant to say that the vast majority of assets are held by sound banks, he would have.
    • +1 (1 vot)    
      crimes of capital (Miercuri, 22 aprilie 2009, 10:38)

      American taxpayer [anonim] i-a raspuns lui Horia Popa

      Government of Goldman Sachs, by Goldman Sachs, for Goldman Sachs.

      Nationalize the banks, before our democracy is completely sold off. Crimes of capital should be capital crimes.

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